Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Happy and feeling glad

“I’m happy, I’m feeling glad, I’ve got sunshine in a bag”, are the lines of one of my favorite songs by the Gorillaz.  Unfortunately I inherited an inability to sing more than one line of almost any song, often jumble up the words and as such, suspect , that those might not be the lyrics to one of my favorite Gorillaz songs.
In any event, the point is that, “we’re happy” and “feeling glad”.

2014 has been a wonderful, busy year.
As you know, Adele is expecting twins.  She is currently 26 weeks.
We received this happy news earlier in the year.
I had been joking about her being pregnant with twins because she had been feeling particularly green.  We had negotiated for 2 kids, so this seemed like a practical, albeit terrifying way to make an insta-family.  
We went for the scan in Calgary – lieing to friends about a dentist appointment – we didn’t want to tell people until we knew everyone was healthy and happy.
We had a young radiology tech – just weeks from completing her program and she was excited and nervous to do the scan alone. 
“The ultrasound tech will be in the next room, if I need help, I will call her and she will be in to check the measurements” she said.
It was pretty exciting and made the pregnancy a whole lot more real when she put her probe on and instantly found a head and a spine and a heart and wait . . . .. .  What’s that?  Another head? It had suddenly become a lot more interesting.
“Are there 2 babies”, Adele said and I started giggling – we had both seen number 2 about the same time, a little before the tech.
The rest of the appointment was a process of cataloging and measuring number 1 and number 2.  I spent much of the time giggling.  It was wonderful and draining.
2 babies!  Holy moly!
At the end of the appointment there was a CD you could buy for 10 dollars which had scan pictures on it.  They gave it to us for free.  We joked that maybe they were trying to save us a buck – keep your 10 dollars, you will probably need it more than we will J

Subsequent to that we have been super busy.
We have been to Jamaica with our wonderful friends – Shawna and Rick.  We visited San Francisco and the Muir woods – probably my number 1 American city (in contention with Portland). Our friends Jess and Steve visited and we went dogsledding in Canmore.
We have hiked and kuiered with friends and enjoyed a wonderful life.
In February I did a month shadowing in the Lethbridge ER and subsequently have been working here and there in Southern Alberta trying to get into a residency next year.
Adele has been surviving pregnancy quite nicely – initially she was a bit green but she is feeling well and has become more and more noticeably pregnant (I told her the other day that ascites would suit her – maybe a little creepy but she is looking stunning (Sexiest pregnant woman ever)).
We have also been painting the babies' room and have been getting as ready as we can.
It seems to be the season of the baby and we have been trying to learn as much as we can from our wonderful baby mamma and papa friends.

And that is all I have for you this time.  My parents arrive in 3 days time – yay - and we get to pick them up for a BC road trip in the minivan (yes, much to Adele’s chagrin we bought a mini van).
Adele finishes work this week and we are slowly, happily preparing for our 2 little girls.  Hopefully there are no babies on the above-mentioned road trip.

All our Love

Rooibaard, sexy legs, the twins and a eunuch named bagel

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